New me!




Since I wanna start fresh I want to add something  new  to this blog. I don’t want just to show my paintings and drawings, I want to put my thoughts not only on canvas but on paper too. I find it fascinating to reveal what’s on   your  mind to others and see how many share it. I spent a lot of time believing that is better to keep it all  for yourself, like you  should be able to handle everything in every situation but I was wrong. It’s  actually waste of time and mind. Of course you need some alone space from time to time but knowing that there are people who think as you do, releases you and seeing some of them pulling it back together somehow gives you hope and  strength.

I’m  at the  beginning of a  new chapter in my life and God I want this to be the best of all. Now it’s the time! Proper age, perfect motivation, many learned lessons, pleasant company, and feeling more alive than ever. But now I wanna do it right! No hurry, no talking without thinking, no  more pitting myself.

It’s time to grow up!


7 thoughts on “New me!

  1. I wish you all the best with your fresh start and may it be exactly the way you desire!
    I think it’s great to share some of the things that happen to you with others for different reasons – you can always find great people to connect with, there are many interesting, special and memorable things that we think of or that happen to us that are lost forever if not written down, sometimes what we write can be a true inspiration for someone or help somebody, sometimes it helps ourselves to understand better our own thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it is something to look forward to on a gloomy or lonely day when you open your blog and read some really nice comment from somebody that makes all the necessary difference. Sometimes writing turns into a life purpose… 🙂
    I wish you many many more years of happy blogging!

  2. A lot of people seem to misuse the saying, “It’s time to grow up,” using it to mean it’s time to give up on supposedly childish dreams and get a real job as an accountant or something. It sounds like when you say those words, you have a healthier understanding of them, and I’m glad to see that.

  3. i haven’t the slightest idea about you. i don’t know you.
    But i love your art. every single piece is a gigantic dose of inspiration for me, it makes me want to fall in love over and over. you bring out hope at a place where everything else is fading. and these eyes are to die for.
    you bring a feeling of awe and a smile on my face. I love you, my muse.

    • Wow. Thank you very much for these words. They really made my day. I’m so happy to hear that. And don’t forget… everything in life happens for a reason. I inspire you and other people and what do you think about me and my work motivates me to inspire you even more. Its simply amazing. ^_^

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