Fresh start




You may know me or recognize some of my artworks from my ex-blog S.Laura Artworks. Well I can only say that if life ever thought me something, is that I have to work very hard for every single thing I own. Its like I’m not allowed to “take advantage” of some things, actions that once were made with joy by others for me or even gifts. I feel guilty, I feel like I don’t deserve it . That’s why I started fresh, all by myself. I know I don’t have that much to catch up but still, it’s going to be hard at the beginning. At least I know that I’m going to make it and I’m going to be very proud of myself in the end.
I often used to underestimate myself and I still do from time to time but I realised that I’m not the person who I thought I was. I admit that I have some big selfconfidence issues and beside that I am also very stubborn so if I want to solve my problems properly I have to do it on my own. The truth is that if you really want something you do everything to get it… I guess I wasn’t that motivated ,till now.
We all do that ,we all get thrown down by some unpleasent life events untill we find the right motivation, the force we need to fight and move on with our head up. Funny thing is that my motivation is not about the material things or the compliments I receive.No! I find my motivation in people who think that I cannot do this, people who consider me weak. I’m not weak! I’m like a building under construction, just a few bricks away from everything that I had planned for me.
So , I invite you to watch me bloom!


7 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. nicely done and I would have to say I belive you are already in bloom! Good luck with the road ahead! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  2. I believe you have described the qualities of many of the best artists throughout history. I know of the works of several artists and artisans that can crank out exceptional work rapidly because its a business they enjoy. Unfortunately, what is missing in this art is the heart and soul of it’s creator. When one completes a work of art and chastises oneself for the imperfection they see or the lack of the canvas or stone representing the vision in the creators mind, you have a true artist. When the birthing of one’s greatest effort causes every emotion to explode in the room, on the canvas, while walking down the street, you have an artist. To struggle with any or all of life and then lay the soul bare on some inanimate media; that takes a life of its own, like a child departing one’s mother to strike out on their own, there is an artist. And, all artist start with a vision, a few tools of their art, some simple, yet fine talent, and an unquenchable desire to create their own works, their own life, in their own way. I think you are an artist and in a short span of your life, you can be a master of the art you’ve chosen. It is not the plan of an artist that determines the outcome; but, the journey where every milestone is marked with a piece of the artist in the form of something released to world and every milestone shows the evolution from artisan, to artist, to master. Finally, one can restart a canvas as much as they like. Why not? Wouldn’t we all want to do that when we reconize a need for it? Forgive me my too long comment and I apologize. I can’t find it in me to say you can’t, only that I believe you can. I hope to see more of your work.

  3. We have much in common! And one of those things in common is that we are not alone! Cheers to the ride and journey! I’ll be right there with ya in the same bus! 😉

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